Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's Progress

Well today I started and more or less finished the final boss fight while I was at work.  Also got some more voice clips from my VA, which sound awesome.  Super thrilled I got a voice actor!

Assuming I don't get called into work tomorrow I'll be making tomorrow my "break day" (finally, haha).  Vidya games, maybe some drinks, and masturbation.  A day fit for royalty.  If I do get called in then I'll probably find time to work on Nagai Yamiji while I'm there.

Either way I think I'll be releasing the next release, V0.2, on Monday.  It'll have music, some sound (including voice acting), and some bug fixes.

Not sure if I'm going to post on this blog every day.  I'll probably just make some short posts with what I accomplished that day or something.  I might post some other things that might interest people who stop by, like maybe game reviews for other H-games, or "Making of" posts for my games...  If'n there's anyone who really cares, feel free to comment to say what you'd like to see here on this blog.