Sunday, June 2, 2013

A break!

Yay, today I actually didn't get called into work!  I'm totally doing nothing productive!  I'm hanging with a bro, I masturbated (before bro got here...), and we're gonna drink while playing Minecraft later tonight!  Allow me to plug my let's play channel, Beep Boop Plays!  New video every day!  Also, there's going to be a drunken Minecraft special!  If you like let's plays, check it out!

Earlier I played an adventure game called "Resonance" on steam.  Quite fun so far.  I like it because the problem solving is really intuitive, but still rather challenging.  No "adventure game bullshit" where you have to know to use an umbrella on a door because you pull a wire out of it to use to pick a lock or anything.  Great example is there's a part where you need to turn a valve, but the handles broken off.  Maintenance closet is looked, so you have to go ask the janitor for a key.  No wrench in there.  However, a while before the janitor told you that he had used the wrench to break a window (during a long-winded speech where details might have been missed), so it turns out he's got it on him.  It's not hidden up a duck's ass or anything, it's a very reasonable solution to the puzzle, while still not blatantly obvious.  Story seems interesting so far, but without playing all the way through I can't give a real review of that yet.

Me and previously mentioned bro played Rage co-op a minute ago.  Quite a fun game, I had never played.  Heard it got mixed reviews.  I heard it was a bit "samey" as a FPS, and I can definitely see that, but it's certainly fun and the co-op is challenging.  Unlike in a lot of games, we're having to actually be a little tactical and work together, rather than be able to just run in guns blazing.  Also, it has local co-op, which is a disappointingly rare feature in most games.  What the fuck is the point of a console if not to play local co-op?  I swear...

Anyway, tomorrow I'll start working on the game again, it was weird not doing anything for it today.  Woke up and was like "Finally a day off! ...what the hell do I do?".

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