Monday, June 3, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.2

As promised here is the next release of Nagai Yamiji!  This version has some bug fixes, a few small changes, and the biggest change: music and sound!  There's still a bunch of sound that needs to be added, but all the music is there.

I you had a save from the previous versions they won't work for V0.2 unfortunately.  I changed the save files a little to fix a few bugs.  Once I have the final version released, I'll publish a guide on editing your save files so you can jump around to whatever place you want or super power yo ass up.

Anyway, today I didn't get a whole lot done.  I was exhausted from hanging out with my bro.  The whole night things kept going wrong, we were both really pissed and stressed, but at the end of the night we got everything sorted and we got drunk and played Minecraft.  Good times.

What I did do is change the music to .ogg so that it takes up like no space (compared to when I had to have them as .wav's, I mean balzak!).  I used an extension called Caster, provided by MoaCube, to use the .ogg's.

Nagai Yamiji V0.2:
If you get an error about a missing "Openal32.dll" install it here:
EDIT: Haha, set the music to only play once and not loop.  Sumbitch, not ever goes right the first time does it?  Anyway that's fixed now.


  1. Music is too loud and doesn't fit the mood of the game at all. Also so if you defeat someone next to a door they float up and clip into the wall. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, the music is a bit loud in this release. It'll be quieter by default in the next one, and it'll include a volume slider for everything so you can tune it to how you want it. Sorry you don't think it fits the mood :( This was my first attempt at making music, so I guess it's a little rough. I hope it's not too bad though.

      Yeah that's a known issue... I'll actually go fix that now, I just thought of an easy fix to it. That'll be corrected in the next version :)

  2. Great game, I did get an error when I die every now and then(and always if I die in the first room by the green tentacle things(at least on easy)) Error is:

    ERROR in
    action number 4
    of Step Event
    for object obj_player:

    Error in code at line 127:
    if (global.hp<1) {if (hurt<3) {hurt=3; hspd=image_xscale*10; vspd=-6; with (obj_music) {sound_play(die[ceil(random(2))]);}} global.hp=0;}
    at position 101: Unknown variable die or array index out of bounds

    1. This should be fixed if you're running V0.2.3

      Glad you enjoyed the game :)