Nagai Yamiji

Nagai Yamiji

Stand-alone: Mega Download

Game Details:

        Journey though a Lovecraftian nightmare world, filled with evil creatures and cultists worshiping dark ancient powers, and battle giant bosses using mystical runic powers.  The game includes over 10 original compositions, 7 sets of CGs totaling 24 pictures, 20 enemies with H-animations, 3 bosses, and 7 unique areas.

        The demo allows you to play up to the first boss, and includes a handful of enemies and CGs.  However, the full game has much more to offer!

Version Details:

Known Issues:
 -Strafing seems to affect the angle of your shots for some players

V1.1 Changes:
 -Uncensored version!

V1.0.5 Changes:
 -Bugged CG can now be unlocked
 -Rift can be hit with melee attacks
 -Rift weak point is larger
 -Rift makes a sound when exposing his weak spot
 -Venuses will now drag you towards them when you're down

V1.0.4 Changes:
 -Imps work again (for real this time)
 -Rift tentacle graphical bug fixed
 -Rift hp is reduced
 -Venus H-animation messing up in the Museum is corrected
 -I believe I fixed the lag associated with staying on a screen for too long

V1.0.3 Changes:
 -Spiders die after defeating King Spider
 -King Spider made easier (Spawns less spiders, has less hp)
 -Gamepads can exit out of the CG screen
 -Tower room transition fixed

V1.0.2 Changes:
 -Boss CGs show up now

V1.0.1 Changes:
 -CGs you've unlocked stay unlocked after quiting the game
 -Fixed error with Spider King upon death if you hit his legs after the body is destroyed