Thursday, September 19, 2013

Columbus Ohio Comic Con

  I'll be there this weekend, all three days.  I'll be in an MLP t-shirt (at least on Friday) and probably hangin' out near some douchebag in a fedora.  It'd be cool if someone said "sup".  If you see me and are like "hey are you that dude who what makes them there h-games?" then I'll be like *high five* and then be socially awkward.  It'll be fun times.

  Chances are I won't run into anyone, since my analytics indicate there are like 5 people from Ohio who bought the game, but fuck it, some face time with a fan (or whatever you'd call yourself) would be killer.

Pic related, that's my mug.

UPDATE: The Comic Con was pretty awesome.  I got like 200 pictures of all the cosplayers.  Didn't run into anyone :P

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So I finally got around to it: I've made an uncensored version of Nagai Yamiji.  Other than the uncensoring, there aren't any real changes.  The saves and config files will still work from the past versions.

If you buy the game from DLSite, it'll still be censored, but you should also get an "NYlicense.txt" file which can be used with the demo downloaded from my blog.

I can also confirm that I can receiving people's emails once again.  Sorry for any inconvenience from before.

In personal news, holy shit I'm about to move out of my parent's house.  Exciting stuff.  I want to thank everyone again for all your support!  I wouldn't be able to do this if nobody had bought the game.

On the next game, progress has been rather slow.  With the help from cheshireCat (check out his blog, cough) I figured out how to make a functional pause menu in the new version of GMStudio, so I plan on sticking to it.  While some of the problems with Studio are annoying, it has some really nice features that are hard to do without.

The next game, working title Project2 (it's getting changes for sure, heh), I've been a lazy ass about working on.  I do have some basic animations for the player done, and some of the general platforming and whatnot coded.  I've simply not been very motivated to work on it I guess, but I feel some inspiration building.  Once I hit my stride I hope to really hammer it out.  I'm excited about it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Support email: Whoops

So if you had been sending email to either or I have not been getting those emails.  I am now, so if you still want to contact me or need help with something, please try again!

The problem was that those emails are forwarded to my primary email account, and they were being sent to an old email by mistake.  Sorry to anyone who's been having trouble!  I wasn't ignoring you, I promise!