Monday, July 29, 2013

Save Editing Tutorial

So here's a quick little tutorial on how to edit your save file!  Note that obviously you can't load content that's past the demo levels if you haven't bought the game, so you can't get spells past the second, or load past the 6th save shrine.

In the AppData folder for the game (C:\Users\*name*\AppData\Local\Nagai_Yamiji\ the same place you put the license) is the file "NYsave.txt" which is the save file for the game.  You should also notice NYcg and NYconfig, but don't worry about those, there's nothing in NYconfig that you can't change on the Options menu, and NYcg can only be edited if you know the passcodes you need (so just unlock the CGs yourself :P).

Anyway, when you open up the NYsave, you'll be treated to something like this:
10 10 10 10 -These numbers are you stats (INT, DEX, CON, LUK)
1 0 -Your current level and exp
10 0 -Exp needed for next level, and number of stat points not allocated
100 0 0 0 0 0 -First number is hp, next five are your mps
0 0 0 -Change these to "1" to activate Sprint, Roll, or Walljump
0 -What spell you have equipped
0 -What spell you have unlocked (Between 0 and 5)

0 -All these numbers are for the hidden stat bonus runes
0 -There's no real reason to want to change these
   -Change these to "1" to give yourself the wyrmstones and rifttotems
0 Top wyrmstone 0 Bottom wyrmstone 0 Left rifttotem 0 Right rifttotem 0 -Whether you beat the Wyrm boss 0 -Whether you're carrying Jimmy the Skeleton 0 -Whether you beat the King Spider boss 1 -Current save shrine

Here are a few useful save shrine numbers:
6 - Shrine right before the Wyrm boss
11 - Shrine right before the King Spider boss
17 - Last shrine, right before the Rift boss

The shrine numbers are just sequential, nothing complicated.  So if you are ever like "fuck this" you can increase that number by 1 to get to the next shrine.  Notice, however, that might move you past a spell rune that you need.

You ought to make a back up of your save (if you're attached to it at all) so if you bugger something up you can restore it.  If you mess something up and the game starts freaking out, simply delete the save and the game will make a clean one (resetting your progress, obviously).

Hope this little guide helps out!  Have fun!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

More small updates

I've been quickly and quietly fixing problems as they prop up.  A few new versions have been released, so if you're still running V1.0 you might want to download a more recent version.

So far I've made over 100 sales!  It's still a fair shake away from the 1000 sales goal for the first month, but it's getting there :)  Thanks to everyone who has already purchased the game!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Teeny Update

Well thinks seem to be going rather smoothly!  I've already made a handful of sales :3

One small update, there was a problem with the platforms in the Tower section, where the carousel platforms all rotated in the same direction, making some parts downright impossible.  Also fixed a small glitch with the landing sound repeating when carrying the offering.

If you've already got the game, please redownload it and these problems will be fixed!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Nagai Yamiji Now For Sale

Nagai Yamiji

    Journey though a Lovecraftian nightmare world, filled with evil creatures and cultists worshiping dark ancient powers, and battle giant bosses using mystical runic powers.  The game includes over 10 original compositions, 7 sets of CGs totaling 24 pictures, 20 enemies with H-animations, 3 bosses, and 7 unique areas.

    The demo allows you to play up to the first boss, and includes a handful of enemies and CGs.  However, the full game has much more to offer!

Purchase the Full Game!

Download the game from one of the links above, then purchase the license for the full game here.  You will be given a download for the license file that will unlock the rest of the game.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dawn of the Final Day

So currently less than 24 hours remain before I plan to put Nagai Yamiji up for sale.  Boy I sure would love for the game to be 100% done already...  It's pretty much done as of now, but not quite.  Call it like 99.9%

Basically I've just got to add the gallery mode, which is just a little thing that lets you cycle through the CGs you've unlocked and fight the different enemies of the game.  Shouldn't take much time to code up really quick, and I've got all day to do it.  Also, having a strict deadline is pretty damn good motivation.

Anyway, the game will be available early Saturday, some time in the A.M. like 2 or something.  Don't worry about the exact hour, that's crazy, just get it Saturday morning when you wake up.  This is me pretending there are actually people hyped enough to care the exact time I'm releasing the game, har-de-har-har.

One last note before I shuffle off to bed to prepare for the coming day, not sure if I've talked about my goal for the game on here or not.  So my goal for this game is to have it sell at least 1k copies in the first month, and 3k copies over the course of 6 months.

If in the first month I reach 1k copies, then I'll probably quit my day job, move out of my parent's basement, and start making eroge full time!  Fuckin' killer, right?  That's my dream, anyway, I hope y'all can make it happen!

Well, catch y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CGs are finished!

Well I just finished the last of the CGs!  There are 7 sets, totaling 24 different pictures.  Three of the sets are for the bosses, each having two pics.  There are two other sets with two pics each, and the last two sets have seven pics each, showing different amounts of skin/clothing in each.

Tomorrow I might be hanging out with a bro, so I might not get a ton of work done.  If we don't end up hangin', then I'll be working on the intro/outro cutscenes.  If we do then I'll be working on those at work on Thursday.

So I'm setting the date as Saturday the 27th!  I'll make the license available for purchase then, and release V1.0 for download.  Over the weekend I'll be monitoring as much as possible for any bug reports so I can fix any ASAP.  I'll then be releasing the game on DLSite as well.

Then, I'll probably take a small vacation and make pilgrimage to a shrine of Slaanesh to pray for success.  I really hope enough people buy the game and support my work so I can do this full time and make another game right away!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little update

I haven't made a post for a little while so I thought I'd check in.

Things are going smoothly, albeit a touch slowly (damn that Steam sale!).  I am happy to say that I'm closing in on V1.0 release!  I've got 3 more CGs to make (two more for the bosses, and an oral sex one) which will make for a total of 20 CGs.  I made one CG today, and hopefully I'll finish another before tonight.

I've also got a few small things to finish up.  Still need to tack on a quick little intro and ending cutscene and add a gallery mode.

The next few days I work, but it's the morning shift which is nice and slow, so I should have plenty of time to work on those last things.

So hopefully in about a week I'll be putting out a V1.0 and letting people start purchasing a license for it!  I'll be selling the game both through DLSite and a few other places (so people have different options and so that if the game is removed from anywhere there will still be alternatives).

Friday, July 5, 2013

CGs, here's one of them

So here's a CG for y'all to take a gander at.  It's essentially the blandest, as she's fully clothed and not getting sexed, but don't you worry!  There will be plenty more of these to come :)  Hope y'all think it looks good so far though

I'm still working on finishing up the rest of the CGs and the final touches on the game before releasing it.  It will, for sure, be out this month!

V0.4.3: It's Fuckin' Fixed Finally! Edition

Guess what bitches?  Thanks to a forum-bro who got drunk and did some extensive testing, I've finally fixed the bug that everyone has been having.  You can now wall jump without problems :D

So if you were having problems before, they should be fine now, woop woop.  How cool is that?  I'm excited!

Anyway, still working on the CGs.  Been busy with work (getting plenty of hours, which is nice).  I had mentioned releasing a taste of the CGs, which I will probably do tomorrow (I'd do it tonight if it weren't for the fact I really need to get to sleep and it's taking all I've got to continue to type this and remain coherent, but fuck I'm probably failing at that).

Anyway, downloads, that's what y'all are here for.  Well here you go baby birds:

Installer: YourFileHost Download
Mirror: Mega Download
Stand-alone: Mega Download