Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So I had the goal of releasing the game this month.  Shit ain't happenin'

About three things prevented that from happening.  Biggest problem has been the with controls not working for everyone.  I've had to spend a ton of time trying to get it to work for everyone, and it's still not working yet.  I've filed a bug report with YoyoGames, so I'll see how that goes.

Second problem has been a blessing and a curse.  I've been getting a lot more hours at my steady job.  It's nice because that's an assured stream of income and I've only been asking for more hours for like half a year (rabble rabble), so that's good.  Unfortunately it does detract from time I can work on the game.  While I can program and such some while at work, doing the CGs is a little trickier, considering the subject matter, heheh.

Third has been a touch of procrastination, I won't lie.  I am rather satisfied with the amount of time I've been putting into the game, but I have pushed back working on the CGs more than I should have.  Oh well, I've gotten started on them, so I'm building up steam there!

I'll probably release some CG teasers soon!

I'd really like to not release the game until these problems with the controls are resolved, since that's a huge hindrance.  Not only does it prevent a segment of people from playing the game properly, it also means that people leaving reviews will be mentioning these problems, which will likely stand out from any praises.

However, regardless of how things are working out I'll definitely release some time next month.  If at that point the problem isn't solved, then I'll just direct people to test the demo before purchasing the game, so they don't pay for a game they can't properly play.  Not the best solution, but I think that's what I'll have to do.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

I also hate bodily functions, did you know that?  Sleeping, eating, exercising, showering... it all takes too much time out of my day!  I'd have like an extra 10 hours at least if not for those things!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


People have still been having problems with the controls.  I can't reproduce these problems, so it's impossible for me to correct these problems without just releasing an update with some changes and hope that it works.

This version also has fixed the missing surface error a few people have had, and the handful of graphical hiccups GMStudio caused.

I hope that helps the controls for people, because otherwise I've got about no clue what to do.  I've searched high and low via google for other people having this problem, but to no avail.

Installer: YourFileHost Download
Mirror: Mega Download
Stand-alone: YourFileHost Download

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.4

So I upgraded to GMStudio!  That's pretty cool, eh?  While the upgrade took some doing, it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it might have been.

The best thing about this upgrade is that I should be able to export Nagai Yamiji for Android, meaning it should run on the Ouya.  That's pretty sweet if you ask me.  I've contacted Ouya about releasing an adult game for the console, and I'm still waiting for them to get back to me.  My hope is that they'll at least allow me to release a non-H version for their marketplace, then distribute unlock keys (to uncensor that tasty hentai) via my own channels.

If not, oh well, GMStudio does have some other nice features.  It is, however, slow as balls.  GMStudios itself, I mean, Nagai Yamiji is much faster.  GMStudios, though, likes to have a massive lag spike about every 8 seconds or so.  This happens regardless of what I'm doing, whether it's editing a sprite, editing code, or doing nothing at all.  Oh well, at least I'm pretty much done with the development of the game.

So!  Features of this version:
-An installer
-Improved wall-jumping + sliding down walls
-Dust particles
-Greater compatibility
-Performance boost
-Size reduction (from 40.6Mb to 34.1Mb)
-Probably some things I'm forgetting, but fuck it

One drawback is that you can no longer have the game zoomed out while in fullscreen mode.  Currently nothing I can do about it, it's a GM bug and I can't seem to get a more up-to-date version without it.

Oh, and the save and config files are now located in C:\User\AppData\Local\Nagai_Yamiji\ if you wanted to edit those

Anyway, without further blathering that almost no one will read (high-five if you did, you're a special guy), here are the download links:

Installer: YourFileHost Download
Mirror: Mega Download
Stand-alone: YourFileHost Download

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.3

It's the final stretch on development for Nagai Yamiji!  Here's an exhaustive list of things I'm going to do before releasing V1:

-Ending sequence/credits
-CGs and Gallery

To my knowledge everything else is done and working properly.  Of course that's what these beta releases are for, to prove me wrong.

Please enjoy this latest release, and let me know if there are any problems, bugs, or anything that seems missing!

Download: YourFileHost Download
Mirror: Mega Download

EDIT: Updated with a few small changes/additions.  Walljumping should be easier now, and fixed a couple things.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Animations are done

Took another day than I wanted it to.  I got called into work which took some steam outta me, also a little more procrastination than needed, haha.  Did you guys know that Game Dev Tycoon is really fun?  Fairly popular at the moment it seems.

Anyway, I also added a duck and lowkick move, so that'll be in the next release.  Tomorrow I'll be working with my bro on playing some Last Of Us.  We'll have a Let's Play of it up to watch sometime tomorrow!

Beep Boop Plays
Watch Last Of Us here first!  Please subscribe if you like what you see.  If this channel gets decently popular that'll be another stream of income that'll keep me out of fast food and in game development!

Anyway, I'll be back to work over this weekend, and I should have another release soon.

Closing in on the release date!  I've just got the game CGs to make and some finishing touches and Nagai Yamiji will be up for sale!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Today I hunkered down and did a few H-animations.  I completed the animations for 3 enemies: Nematodes, Fire Imps, and Giant Spiders.

Still to do:
Large Jelly

I plan on doing another 3 animations tomorrow, and then the remaining 3 the day after.

Thought for the day

If you don't get a boner while you work, can you really say you love your job?

Anyway, made some improvements to the game, tweaked platforming a bit to make it easier, game defaults to zoomed out if your monitor is too small to display it zoomed in.

Changed the voices for the menu selections to be a cultist's voice, since the dark voice fits the mood better.

Planning on adding a duck/low kick move, to make combat with small jellies a touch easier, and just give a couple new options for combat in general.  Probably implementing that today.

Also just cranking out the last of the H-animations.  Got over half of them done now, and I'm trying to hunker down and actually get the rest done :P

So expect another release here soon with those updates.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.2.3

In this version: More bug fixes, changed the music DLL I was using.  Hopefully this one will work for more people and cause less problems.  Other than that nothing much changed.


Version 0.2.2

Here's another little update for y'all.  I wasn't planning on putting out another release for a little bit, but this one has a few improvements that should be nice.

It has the missing DLL if you need it, and has a lot more sound to it.  The config files won't be compatible, so you'll need to scrap your old one, but I believe the save files should still work.


Here are a few screenshots of the game in action!

Progress Report

Not a whole lot to report on I suppose.  The past couple days I've been working on sound, recording a bunch of Foley and voice clips.  I have over 200 sounds added in now, so I'm close to being done, haha.  Each monster has a handful of sounds, so that's where most of them come from.

I guess I also added display options, so you can set it to be in fullscreen or not, as well as if it's zoomed in.  Also added a couple easter eggs :P  What's a game without a few easter eggs, eh?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.2

As promised here is the next release of Nagai Yamiji!  This version has some bug fixes, a few small changes, and the biggest change: music and sound!  There's still a bunch of sound that needs to be added, but all the music is there.

I you had a save from the previous versions they won't work for V0.2 unfortunately.  I changed the save files a little to fix a few bugs.  Once I have the final version released, I'll publish a guide on editing your save files so you can jump around to whatever place you want or super power yo ass up.

Anyway, today I didn't get a whole lot done.  I was exhausted from hanging out with my bro.  The whole night things kept going wrong, we were both really pissed and stressed, but at the end of the night we got everything sorted and we got drunk and played Minecraft.  Good times.

What I did do is change the music to .ogg so that it takes up like no space (compared to when I had to have them as .wav's, I mean balzak!).  I used an extension called Caster, provided by MoaCube, to use the .ogg's.

Nagai Yamiji V0.2:
If you get an error about a missing "Openal32.dll" install it here:
EDIT: Haha, set the music to only play once and not loop.  Sumbitch, not ever goes right the first time does it?  Anyway that's fixed now.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A break!

Yay, today I actually didn't get called into work!  I'm totally doing nothing productive!  I'm hanging with a bro, I masturbated (before bro got here...), and we're gonna drink while playing Minecraft later tonight!  Allow me to plug my let's play channel, Beep Boop Plays!  New video every day!  Also, there's going to be a drunken Minecraft special!  If you like let's plays, check it out!

Earlier I played an adventure game called "Resonance" on steam.  Quite fun so far.  I like it because the problem solving is really intuitive, but still rather challenging.  No "adventure game bullshit" where you have to know to use an umbrella on a door because you pull a wire out of it to use to pick a lock or anything.  Great example is there's a part where you need to turn a valve, but the handles broken off.  Maintenance closet is looked, so you have to go ask the janitor for a key.  No wrench in there.  However, a while before the janitor told you that he had used the wrench to break a window (during a long-winded speech where details might have been missed), so it turns out he's got it on him.  It's not hidden up a duck's ass or anything, it's a very reasonable solution to the puzzle, while still not blatantly obvious.  Story seems interesting so far, but without playing all the way through I can't give a real review of that yet.

Me and previously mentioned bro played Rage co-op a minute ago.  Quite a fun game, I had never played.  Heard it got mixed reviews.  I heard it was a bit "samey" as a FPS, and I can definitely see that, but it's certainly fun and the co-op is challenging.  Unlike in a lot of games, we're having to actually be a little tactical and work together, rather than be able to just run in guns blazing.  Also, it has local co-op, which is a disappointingly rare feature in most games.  What the fuck is the point of a console if not to play local co-op?  I swear...

Anyway, tomorrow I'll start working on the game again, it was weird not doing anything for it today.  Woke up and was like "Finally a day off! ...what the hell do I do?".

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's Progress

Well today I started and more or less finished the final boss fight while I was at work.  Also got some more voice clips from my VA, which sound awesome.  Super thrilled I got a voice actor!

Assuming I don't get called into work tomorrow I'll be making tomorrow my "break day" (finally, haha).  Vidya games, maybe some drinks, and masturbation.  A day fit for royalty.  If I do get called in then I'll probably find time to work on Nagai Yamiji while I'm there.

Either way I think I'll be releasing the next release, V0.2, on Monday.  It'll have music, some sound (including voice acting), and some bug fixes.

Not sure if I'm going to post on this blog every day.  I'll probably just make some short posts with what I accomplished that day or something.  I might post some other things that might interest people who stop by, like maybe game reviews for other H-games, or "Making of" posts for my games...  If'n there's anyone who really cares, feel free to comment to say what you'd like to see here on this blog.