Monday, March 3, 2014

Personal Dairy: I'm a poo-baby

Well, fuck, y'all.  To keep things concise, I'm letting y'all know that I'm going back on my anti-depressants.  They should help me kick my ass into gear and get Glory Hole RPG 2 done and out.  I have been struggling to stay focused on it or any other project I was working on, but the final straw has been the past few days have just fucked me for no good reason.

So yeah, sorry I haven't been producing stuff like I want to.  I blame my father's lousy genetics, heh.  The allergies and predisposition for hypertension I can deal with, but this feeling like shit for no reason is bullshit.  It takes about two weeks for the meds to really have an effect, but after that I hope that I can really crank out GHR2 and I really hope everyone enjoys it!

Thanks for understanding!  Assuming you do understand, this is!  If not, just know that I'm sorry; I would change it if I could!

The good news is that I haven't been a completely lazy piece of shit.  I have done some work on the game since I last posted.  The cum engine has been implemented, the movement has changed slightly, I've drawn the backgrounds for the game, I've drawn the girl's body, and, most importantly, I've hammered out all the design decisions (like what all the upgrades are going to be).

Here's a screenshot, let me know what you think:
I go plan on showing a second breast, since the uni-boob looks just slightly off, but I'm still in the process of programming it - as you'll be able to choose breast-size and they'll jiggle appropriately, tehe.  If it looks off for another reason, let me know, because my anatomy is pretty much bullshit.

In other good news (unrelated entirely but good news nonetheless) I have lost like 25lbs.  I've been dieting for about 3 months, and it's been going well.  So, uh, yay me, I guess.