Thursday, June 13, 2013

Animations are done

Took another day than I wanted it to.  I got called into work which took some steam outta me, also a little more procrastination than needed, haha.  Did you guys know that Game Dev Tycoon is really fun?  Fairly popular at the moment it seems.

Anyway, I also added a duck and lowkick move, so that'll be in the next release.  Tomorrow I'll be working with my bro on playing some Last Of Us.  We'll have a Let's Play of it up to watch sometime tomorrow!

Beep Boop Plays
Watch Last Of Us here first!  Please subscribe if you like what you see.  If this channel gets decently popular that'll be another stream of income that'll keep me out of fast food and in game development!

Anyway, I'll be back to work over this weekend, and I should have another release soon.

Closing in on the release date!  I've just got the game CGs to make and some finishing touches and Nagai Yamiji will be up for sale!


  1. hey man in the nagai yamiji, the controls are all fucked up, i mean I cant jump , or i can but its really delayed.
    It's kinda hard to explain... what to do ?
    the first time I opened it it worked just fine

    1. Try reassigning the controls (from the options menu) and let me know if the problem persists.

      It could simply be a problem with your keyboard, as many don't register well if you're pressing certain multiple keys.

    2. I managed to change my controls, there's a 0.3 second change time , if you cant press the key quickly it sets it to up arrow, i was confused about that , it wouldn't let me change the controls. Thanks.

      The tutorials messages, they close too quickly for me to read them. They leave me with like 2 seconds to read them. I can take a screenshot tho

      sorry about my bad english

    3. You got the controls to work in the end, correct? That's the important bit.

      If you're running the latest version the tutorial messages should stay up until you press a key. If they are closing automatically if means your keyboard is registering as having a key pressed.

      Your English is fine my brotha :P