Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nagai Yamiji V0.4

So I upgraded to GMStudio!  That's pretty cool, eh?  While the upgrade took some doing, it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it might have been.

The best thing about this upgrade is that I should be able to export Nagai Yamiji for Android, meaning it should run on the Ouya.  That's pretty sweet if you ask me.  I've contacted Ouya about releasing an adult game for the console, and I'm still waiting for them to get back to me.  My hope is that they'll at least allow me to release a non-H version for their marketplace, then distribute unlock keys (to uncensor that tasty hentai) via my own channels.

If not, oh well, GMStudio does have some other nice features.  It is, however, slow as balls.  GMStudios itself, I mean, Nagai Yamiji is much faster.  GMStudios, though, likes to have a massive lag spike about every 8 seconds or so.  This happens regardless of what I'm doing, whether it's editing a sprite, editing code, or doing nothing at all.  Oh well, at least I'm pretty much done with the development of the game.

So!  Features of this version:
-An installer
-Improved wall-jumping + sliding down walls
-Dust particles
-Greater compatibility
-Performance boost
-Size reduction (from 40.6Mb to 34.1Mb)
-Probably some things I'm forgetting, but fuck it

One drawback is that you can no longer have the game zoomed out while in fullscreen mode.  Currently nothing I can do about it, it's a GM bug and I can't seem to get a more up-to-date version without it.

Oh, and the save and config files are now located in C:\User\AppData\Local\Nagai_Yamiji\ if you wanted to edit those

Anyway, without further blathering that almost no one will read (high-five if you did, you're a special guy), here are the download links:

Installer: YourFileHost Download
Mirror: Mega Download
Stand-alone: YourFileHost Download


  1. I cannot start this... Each time I get

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_light:

    Trying to use non-existing surface.
    Whenever I start it.

    1. Strange... Have the previous versions worked for you? Try running the game as Administrator if you haven't already. I'll look into it, see if I can't find some problem.

    2. As far as I can tell, the problem is something to do with how GMStudio will, for some people, run code in a different order. That's pretty much tardo as hell, but I'll try to figure out a work around...

  2. So far the new version seems fine, but the platforming is still such a nuisance to get used to. Having to hold away from the wall your are sliding down and then hit the jump button right after you begin to fall away is difficult. I just want to be able to hit the jump button and then hold towards which direction I want to go. However, doing so forces you to automatically fall. Is this a decision or engine issue or something else? It goes against all of my platforming instincts to have to first hold away from a wall and then hit the jump button for it to work properly.

    On another note, since this update and the switch to the new gamemaker I have experienced slowdowns in certain areas and one graphical glitch (maybe?) in the tunnels after the first checkpoint. Some weird pink spire in the air. Not sure what it is.

    1. You should be able to wall jump effectively without using the arrow keys at all with this update. It should be a matter of hitting jump and roll... Is that not how it works for you? I know people have been complaining about wall jumping being really hard, but honestly it's not, so I'm thinking there's some issue with the controls not working on other people's computers....

      Yeah GMStudio seems to like to have a lot of problems compared to GM8... I'm trying to figure out how to correct some of these problems that I'm having with it