Sunday, July 28, 2013

More small updates

I've been quickly and quietly fixing problems as they prop up.  A few new versions have been released, so if you're still running V1.0 you might want to download a more recent version.

So far I've made over 100 sales!  It's still a fair shake away from the 1000 sales goal for the first month, but it's getting there :)  Thanks to everyone who has already purchased the game!


  1. How do we update the game, exactly? I redownloaded it, and...the problems are still there?

    Also, after I defeat that creature who turns my entire screen black, (The music nearly over rides his voice for the hint the game isn't glitched) I cannot for the life of me. Get back up. The splitting red balls and those accursed plants that spit 5 balls at a time keep knocking me down.

    Even without them, the ledge seems...impossible.

    1. You may have to uninstall the previous version. I would've guessed that you'd just need to reinstall with the new version, but try that and see if that works.

      If any of the platforming sections are too hard to the point that you just want to get past them, you can switch the game to Nintendo Easy and there should be extra platforms to make it easier to get through.

  2. Is there a map or guide though the game?
    I passed a few runes because I didn't have the ability and/or the skill to get them. Not sure if they are abilities or just stat increases.
    Also I get stuck so often and mostly because of the platforming. I spent an hour trying to jump roll up a shaft and it got infuriating. T_T
    Especially the one where you have to run right to another area, move up and to the left on moving platforms, kill a magic person, and run jump while being shot and then do some kind of wall jump. And if I failed I had to do it all over again. I gave up and hope its not a key item. T_T


    1. If there's ever any platforming sections that are too tough for you, you can change your difficult to "Nintendo Easy" and there will be extra platforms to make things easier.

      Is the rune you're talking about the one in the room to the left of where you get the blue magic? If so then no that's a stat boost, no worries about missing it

      I might release a walkthrough or a video playthrough at some point :P

    2. The "wall jump and roll" stuff in this game is infuriating and a godamn torture. Even worse, because you have to hold jump all the way until you roll, trying it for any extended period of time PHYSICALLY HURT. It's becomes to straining on the hand. Even games like kurovadis didn't do that to me.

      And while nintendo easy is a nice gesture, it doesn't little to help in those passages which ironically are by far the hardest stuff in the demo. seriously, the passage with the wall-jump-roll and the two lasers? Lost so much time on this I ended up taking on my sleeping time.

    3. If you can, try playing the game with a controller. That could help with the hand strain issue.

      I believe the place you're talking about is the path to get a wyrmstone. If that's the case, there are two paths to take, so you don't have to jump up through those lasers if you go the other path.

    4. I used Nintendo easy at some point and it only had the blocks at the top of the shaft. So I would still need to roll jump all the way up there. And I am unsure about the trick. Once or twice I will get up there with abit of trouble and the other time it is impossible.
      And yes to the blue magic; it made me want to grow a beard and then eat it in frustration. Also, the other rune was just outside the castle. I think I needed wall jump to get that but it was too far back for me to want to get it after going through all the things.
      A suggestion could be to add a map that would expand when you go into a new area and would display any runes in the room. That would help with navigating. Sometimes I just get plain lost and not sure where to go.
      I was thinking of making a video of it but with my skills it would be 30% progress and 70% curse words.

      And sorry for all the critique. It is an interesting and good game. Just drives me nutz.

    5. I was using a xbox360 controller already actually, it's having to hold a button and then reach for the one next to it before immediately falling back to the other really quick and then repeat the process quite a lot that ruined my hand.
      Actually, because of the button layout, it would probably be less straining using a keyboard.

      I really think it is the jumping mechanic (when used with roll in particular) in itself which is a problem. Would work like a charm if you didn't have to hold the button during the whole jump to reach maximum momentum.
      Either ask us to control the jump distance with the directions instead, or just, like most games I think, only discriminate the time we hold the button during the first instants or so. (dunno if I am being clear)

    6. @Dave: Haha critic is quiet welcome, it's how I know what to improve for future games :) To me, getting lost was part of the challenge :P But I could see how it would be frustrating. If no one else does, I'll probably make a walkthrough at some point.

      @Jonathan: You should be able to keep your thumb across both the roll and the jump button, so that you can press them in quick succession and keep the jump button held.

      Actually most games do change your jump height based on holding the jump button for the entire jump. Just about every Mario game does that :P Just checking for the first second or so wouldn't give the player enough control over the jump

    7. Well, not that it matters all that much. Just did a custom mapping to avoid ruining my thumb while playing.
      Kinda prejudiced against the game now though, because of that. I will let the demo rest for a while, and will see if I feel like picking it up again anytime and enjoy it enough to "upgrade" to the full experience.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I'll be releasing a how-to guide on that soon! :P