Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little update

I haven't made a post for a little while so I thought I'd check in.

Things are going smoothly, albeit a touch slowly (damn that Steam sale!).  I am happy to say that I'm closing in on V1.0 release!  I've got 3 more CGs to make (two more for the bosses, and an oral sex one) which will make for a total of 20 CGs.  I made one CG today, and hopefully I'll finish another before tonight.

I've also got a few small things to finish up.  Still need to tack on a quick little intro and ending cutscene and add a gallery mode.

The next few days I work, but it's the morning shift which is nice and slow, so I should have plenty of time to work on those last things.

So hopefully in about a week I'll be putting out a V1.0 and letting people start purchasing a license for it!  I'll be selling the game both through DLSite and a few other places (so people have different options and so that if the game is removed from anywhere there will still be alternatives).

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  1. Sweet this along with my birthday and playing some airsoft this is going be an awesome week if it comes out.