Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dawn of the Final Day

So currently less than 24 hours remain before I plan to put Nagai Yamiji up for sale.  Boy I sure would love for the game to be 100% done already...  It's pretty much done as of now, but not quite.  Call it like 99.9%

Basically I've just got to add the gallery mode, which is just a little thing that lets you cycle through the CGs you've unlocked and fight the different enemies of the game.  Shouldn't take much time to code up really quick, and I've got all day to do it.  Also, having a strict deadline is pretty damn good motivation.

Anyway, the game will be available early Saturday, some time in the A.M. like 2 or something.  Don't worry about the exact hour, that's crazy, just get it Saturday morning when you wake up.  This is me pretending there are actually people hyped enough to care the exact time I'm releasing the game, har-de-har-har.

One last note before I shuffle off to bed to prepare for the coming day, not sure if I've talked about my goal for the game on here or not.  So my goal for this game is to have it sell at least 1k copies in the first month, and 3k copies over the course of 6 months.

If in the first month I reach 1k copies, then I'll probably quit my day job, move out of my parent's basement, and start making eroge full time!  Fuckin' killer, right?  That's my dream, anyway, I hope y'all can make it happen!

Well, catch y'all tomorrow!


  1. Good game! You should work on a quick walkthrough. I have no idea when the demo is supposed to end, so I don't know if it was over of if I just couldn't figure out where to go. But it's a tricky game, and some players might just want to see the sexy content before tackling the game properly.

    1. The demo ends will a little message after the first boss, so it should be fairly obvious when it's over.

      In V1.0 there will be a "Modern Nintendo Easy" mode, which is pathetically easy. Enemies do half damage compared to Normal mode, and there are plenty of extra platforms that make the jump puzzles easy as can be. That'll be the mode you'll want to play if you just want to breeze through and see all the naughty bits.