Friday, July 5, 2013

CGs, here's one of them

So here's a CG for y'all to take a gander at.  It's essentially the blandest, as she's fully clothed and not getting sexed, but don't you worry!  There will be plenty more of these to come :)  Hope y'all think it looks good so far though

I'm still working on finishing up the rest of the CGs and the final touches on the game before releasing it.  It will, for sure, be out this month!


  1. Not too shabby, i like it. Keep up the good work i will definitely be visiting the dl site when it comes out.

  2. looks great but the artwork seems a little different from your flash style. I like your flash artwork better bth :)

    1. Well this was my first attempt at using PS, I'm sure I'll get better with experience :P

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  4. Looks nice ^^ playing the game right now