Saturday, December 7, 2013

Super early pre-alpha Glory Hole RPG 2

Here's a little look at what I've done for Glory Hole RPG 2.  Pretty much what you're looking at is the hair physics and the mouth movement.  The hair is an obvious improvement from the first RPG, which had static hair.  The side-tail (fuck if I know what you'd call it) uses new physics, and I think it looks pretty darn keen, the rest uses the same sort of physics as I've been using for a while.

The mouse control is pretty much the same for the end-user, but on the programming side it's a lot more efficient.  I've made slight improvements throughout my flashes in this regard, but I've kinda locked it down now.

You can't tell too well (since there's only one dick here) but the mouth movement is dynamic, so the lips move over any size or shape of dick.  Science!

Obviously there's a lot of work to do still, but I figured some might be interested in the two new features so far.


  1. Wow... on a technical level, I have a lot of respect for this. Also, stylistically, you did a wonderful job on her. I'm having a hard time believing this is a vector work.

    All in all wonderful job.
    I personally am not a big fan of a lot of foreplay so I can't say I enjoyed it, but I do respect the technology and work behind it.

    1. Well I'm glad you can appreciate the technical aspects of this :) Nice motivation for me to hear such praise :P

    2. Yeah, keep up the good work. I'm honestly curious about the RPG part of the game.

  2. Wow, very well done. People might laugh, but the technical parts of games are really complicated. :D

  3. So glad you are working on a new one!

    Are there going to be any more features to this or is it the same with updated graphics?

    If there are new features can you let us know any you have planned / really want to include?

    1. Well a lot of the features revolve around improved visuals :P For example, the cumshots will be much more dynamic, like in the new Pinkie Pie flash (although I plan to improve upon that even more).

      There will be different 'sizes' of clients, and the plan now is to have multiple per day, allowing for build-up of cum.

      New music and a complete revamp of sound. I don't believe the first had many - if any - female moans, and it didn't have any male moans, which will be added as well (male moans muted by default).

      There will be a "camera" which will pan around and zoom in and out. Currently it'll be automatic, but I plan to try adding player control (pan with WASD, zoom with QE).

      In the next release you'll be able to see that you have a bit of control over your vertical position. It's not much, but it had a lot of life into the movement, since it no longer looks like you're on a rail.

  4. Ah nice. Will there be a deeper RPG system?

    I.e. If you are having multiple clients a day, could some refuse to pay or just walk out? Could you change 'venue' which could change the odds of this?

    What about STDs?

    Do you have a choice or spit / swallow? What about the ability for 'titles' - i.e. 'Cumslut' could for instance give you a speed bonus but force you to swallow.

    Honestly, if it was properly fleshed out I'd have no qualms throwing £10 at you. Have you heard of offbeatr? It's like kickstarter for porn games and other stuff. I'd back it!

    1. Those are some great ideas!

      There will certainly be different venues to pick from, the differences being how difficult the clients are to please and how much money you'll make.

      There will be a spit/swallow option, as well as a facial option.

      I did have the idea for achievements, which would confer some small bonus for unlocking them. That would kinda be similar to the titles idea.

      I think the idea of walk-outs and STDs are interesting... but might ruin the fantasy for some people. I might add those as a sort of 'hard' mode or something.

      Well, I certainly appreciate the thought :) For now, at least, I think that with the current scope of the game a smaller price tag is appropriate.

      I'm not sure if I've heard of that site in particular, but I did know there were adult kickstarter options. My main problem with wanting to start something like that is that I have a horrible habit of putting things off or not finishing them (which I dare say is something most/all artists deal with). I'd hate to take people's money and then make them wait for me to get my ass inspired to work.

    2. Hey there:

      I've been a fan of your first game and I was super happy to hear that there was a sequel.

      Can't say I blame you for stalling a bit on development - it really takes a lot of time and energy to complete a project like this one. I, for one, will patiently wait for you.

      I love the ideas that the other poster had about refusing clients, spit/swallow/facial, etc. I love the STD factor. It adds some realism and it would not ruin the fantasy.

      Hahaha at the walkouts. I love the humiliation factor involved. :D. The guy got a free BJ. Perhaps also a 'sex' feature too? Might be a lot of work though, but the BJ factor is already really good.

      Please keep developing it :)

  5. Kajio, what is the eta of this game? Loved the first one can't wait for this one!!

    1. I don't know... I've kinda been dealing with sucking shit a lot. I really want to get back to work, but I just can't find that fire right now...

  6. Sorry to hear you are going through crap! RPG games aside that sucks!!! I hope you can muscle through it and be well, even if we do not have the honor of playing GH2 ever.

  7. Can we make her not read headed in the game?

  8. I have followed this game for a while. It is one of my favorites to get me thinking about giving oral sex as a transgender. I enjoyed the first version immensely. I see this version has been in the works for a while. And I was wondering how development is going? It appears to have not been released, and this initial flash frame seems to be from a few years ago.