Monday, August 19, 2013

How things are going

Well it's nearly the end of the first month of sales!  Time sure has flown for me, it seems like it's hardly been a week!  Looks like I'm probably not going to quite make it to the 1k sales goal by the end of the month.  Currently I've sold a little over 700 copies of the game, pretty good, but a little short.

If you've already bought the game, you can help by telling your friends or posting on websites you frequent about the game!  If you're feeling very generous and want to donate, unfortunately you can no longer do that via PayPal, so instead you can buy multiple copies of the license (share with your friends or something :P)

Anyway, I've bought a fancy new PC which should last me for the foreseeable future.  It won't affect the speed at which I produce games too much (although it will help a little bit).  The most tangible effect on the games is that the CGs will be of higher quality.

Here's an example of what sort of CG quality you might expect for the next game:
This was a picture from a small set I was commissioned to make.  The watermark was added per request of the commissioner.

I also bought a car, how exciting is that?  It's a '98 88Olds, and I got it for a pretty good deal.  It seems to run nicely and the AC works most of the time!  Gonna need to take it in to get the fuel filter changed, as it has rusted on completely and not even my father can remove it.  Still even if the fuel line needs replaced, the entire thing will have run me less than two grand.

Kinda thinking about trying to move out of my parent's house soon, too.  Gonna need to wait for PayPal to give me my money, but after that I think I should be able to survive for long enough for my next game to be released (shootin' for the end of this year).

Speaking of the next game, I've got the lighting engine for it done up.  The main addition is that it has shadows, which Nagai Yamiji did not have.  There will be an option to disable the dynamic shadows so for older machines, or those who prefer it, you can still have the old lighting. Here's a cap of a little test I did with it, let me know if you like how it's lookin'!


  1. Good to see you've been doing alright.

    From the look of the screens, it seems like the second game is gearing up to be much more darker and horror/aspect related. Are you planning on making extensive use of the shadows on every stage or just in certain locations such as caves?

    1. I'm thinking that I'll be using shadows quite a lot, yes :P One of the collectible upgrades will be a flashlight, so light will be a commodity.

      The game will also be focusing more on the enemies and combat rather than the platforming, so no being able to see isn't nearly as huge a detriment.

  2. Will you let the unwashed people of paypal buy the second game for awhile before you make it credit card exclusive?

    Any anyone want a trade? XD

    1. If it were up to me PayPal would always be an option, but it's not up to me it's up to them. I've petitioned to get my account's limit lifted, but I'm not holding my breath.

    2. For all future games?!? D:
      Tough luck. >_<'

  3. just paid for it dood and... it isn't worki- no nvm i got it ^^| (didn't think to open the file it game me XD derp) well then i can say i normally don't buy games (i get lucky and find them for free with no bugs XD) but yours is one that i am willing (and did XD) to pay for

    1. but i have still one problem the same one as the demo

      some of the jumps are WAY to hard, you really need a double jump to make most of the jumps in this game (on the screen after the boss, after you kill the crab-guy the upper jumps)

    2. All the jumps are definitely possible, I've tested the game and made them all myself. Remember that you can angle your dodge roll by holding up before you roll, hope that helps!

      I'm really pleased that you were able to get the game :) Thanks for the support!

    3. just got through that part after i posted (altho i don't think i did it the way it "should" have been done XD)

      but i'm stuck again XD the part where is "seems like" you need a double jump in the clock tower-like room with no (at least the bottom) enemies, damn this is hard XD

      well i hope i'll make it again, next game tho lighten up with the hard jumps :3 lol

    4. i need to shut my mouth ROTFLOL maybe i should post that i'm stuck whenever i get stuck XD

      but i wanted to ask you (you may know my problem since no one else does and i can't find anything about it) i can't press more then like 3 to 4 keys at a time AND when i play flash games (like "Kurovadis" ) the keys lock up or lag and dont respond, by chance do you know what is happending?

      thanks for being a good sport and responding with my bitching btw^^|

    5. I believe the room you're in there should be a gear on the left wall that you can roll to and then wall jump up on top of. Hope that helps!

      That would be a limitation of your keyboard. Many keyboards (essentially all that aren't mechanical or "gamer" keyboards, or otherwise more expensive than they need to be) are built in such a way that they will only register a few key presses at once. Nothing you can do but buy a better keyboard I'm afraid :\ Btw, Kurovadis is a Gamemaker game, not flash :P

      Not a problem! I never mind helpin' people out :P

    6. well it does it with gamemaker and flash then^^| (i didn't know what kind of game kuro was but it messes up with it as well)

      btw this is a labtop i'm using XD so the limitation can't be helped but the other problem is really bothersome and i hoped you knew what was wrong with that one

      (btw i was under that gear you were talking about but just a few mins of just trying and i got it out of luck XD)

  4. I have a couple of suggestions for your art; if you don't want to hear it, just ignore the rest of this post.

    Anime tends to shade in extremes - especially when cel-shading (solid lines, not gradients), they also tend to shade in warmer colors with more saturation. So when you shade, make the colors more toward the red side of the color wheel.

    Anime (really, all cartooning) also exaggerates all expressions. In the picture above, her eyebrows should be at a far more exaggerated inverted V angle, and eyes half-closed. Tears would be a additional extra effect to illustrate the emotions better; perhaps drool as well.

    To help with the gesture, her fists should be clenched and elevated at the wrist (wrist bent so that hand is trying to come toward arm - almost at 90 degree angle).

    I do realize that your main focus is the gameplay, but these small changes will improve the art and the feel of the art itself.

    1. Not bad advice! And all stuff that isn't too hard for me to try to do :P Certainly better than most advice which is something like "do *this* better" heheh. Thanks!