Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's coming

I believe that I've got all the bugs worked out of the current demo, so I've been working on finishing up the game; adding in all the things there's still left to add.

Music is in and works fine, and I'm starting to add some sound effects, so that'll be in the next demo.  I'll start putting in some of the voice clips that my lovely voice actor has provided me with, so that'll increase the overall feel of the game significantly.

I've also been working on more of the H-animations, so some more of those should be in the next demo as well.

They aren't in the demo, but the second and third boss still need to be finished.  The second boss is mostly done, it's just the fine tuning that needs to be worked on really.  The third boss I haven't started yet, but he's all planned out and shouldn't be super hard once I actually sit down and do it.

Haven't gotten started on the CGs yet.  I'm thinking that I'll leave those for last.  I don't have an exact number pinned down for those yet.  It'll be determined by how inspired I am to make them and what ideas for them I can come up with.  I'm thinking at a very minimum there'll be 8, but I'm sure I'll make more than that.

I think tomorrow I'll take a day off.  I've been feeling a little sluggish and I've got work tomorrow morning (I currently work part-time at a pizza joint... fun fun).  I pretty much worked on the game all day today, but I still feel like I didn't get nearly enough done, so a small break should help light my fire again.  Still on schedule for a June release, so that's good.