Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nagai Yamiji Demo V0.1.3

This is the first publicly available version of Nagai Yamiji.  It's still missing a lot to it, but the core gameplay is still there.

Feel free to submit bug reports or make suggestions, but remember that this is a beta so the final product will have plenty changes.  I haven't tested the game on any different PCs, so different resolutions might cause problems, I'm not sure.

Still to be added:
-CG images on deaths
-Most of the H-animations (at the moment most default to the zombie's, that's not a bug)
-Sound and music

Let me know how the difficulty is.  You can select different difficulty levels, but I'm not sure how well things are balanced at the moment.

Oh and the game does work with at least Xbox 360 controllers, just plug it into a USB port and you should be good to go.

NOTE: The game's an .exe, so anti-virus software will probably hate it.  You'll need to make an exception for the game if you're getting errors or other unexpected behavior.

EDIT: Wow, problems already.  I kinda forgot to test things without the Xbox controller after adding its functionality.  Without one plugged in it lags like a mother!  Also there was an error if you tried to load a game if one didn't exist. Oh well, it's fixed now.  Sorry if anyone already downloaded it :\

EDIT2: Jesus, of course as soon as I release the first demo it's riddled with unforeseen bugs!  Most of it was me being stupid, or assuming things would work because they're too simple to get wrong (big mistake for a programmer, haha).  Anyway things should be fine now... (haha fat chance)