Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where I'm at - What I'm doing

Hey all!  I don't know how many there are how check for updates on this blog, but for those who do, and anyone new who happens to chance upon it, here's an update on what's going on with me.

Long story short, I'm posting updates on Tumblr now and I've started a Patreon.

My Tumblr
My Patreon

I'm doing this for many reasons, which I explain in more detail on my Patreon page.

Essentially, I don't want to have to charge for my work, run ads, or any of that bullshit in order to earn money.  I want to be able to create without restriction, and without forcing people pay to see my content.

Patreon offers a way for me to earn a living creating the art and games that I want, without forcing people to pay for it.  Supporters sign up to donate a small amount for any time that I release a new game or animation.  This can be as little or as much as you'd like, and you can set a cap for each month (in the event I release a ton of content suddenly).  You'll also receive some rewards for different amounts, such as free sketches/animations, and more direct input on what I make.

This model allows for those who have the extra income to help support me, and who want to see more content from me, easily help out without large lump donations, and get a little back for their support.  You can think of it as buying me a snack, meal, or rent payment (if you're insane/rich, heh) any time I create something.

As I said, more details are on the Patreon page, so if you're confused or considering a pledge, check it out. You can also message me/comment if you have specific questions.
I really hope that this will work for both me and my fans, because it's something that I would really enjoy working out.  I really like the idea of knowing how much I'll make from my work (rather than the previous nothing as with most of my work, or an uncertain amount as with Nagai Yamiji), and that sort of stability would certainly help my depressive nature.

Anyway, I've gone on too long here, so thanks for all the support you've already given me!


  1. I know these glory hole games are your bread and butter, but Nagai was really freakin good (and frustrating at times). I hope you make more games like that as you develop into a better all around artist. GOOD LUCKS

  2. speaking of which, i'm having a sprite issue with mine, sprites are in the wrong place, i can't see what i'm supposed to see and the menu is near impossible to use because it doesn't show the menu, just some random junk, and in the intro i just see the little grassy area on the far right and nothing else, could you help?

    1. Only thing I can suggest is to try redownloading and installing, and trying a different PC/OS

    2. is it an issue with intel? cause i heard it makes problems for other games.

    3. I wouldn't rule that out. I've only ever used nvidia and haven't had any real problems with it.